With Foursquare check to share where you are?With Dropp send a text message to a location? Soon, we think, “Ah yes, the good old days, where the location function of the phone is still cute and innocent.” A new Apple patent published that extends much further beyond the capabilities of interests on Facebook, LinkedIn or Hyves. The patent application indicates a social network that the iPhone people designates you ever find very interesting.



That says MacRumors . The iPhone application allows people to see your interests as they are around. The distance from that person is displayed together with a photo profile and several options to approach such as chat. The match-meter image shows how much percentage the next business partner, friend or date for you. Apple describes the reason for the inclusion in its patent application as foll

Social networks are a common phenomenon and we have various electronic systems which support it. For a social network to grow, a person often compatible, as interested and like-minded people around them. Identifying people who think the same, however, requires a large amount of time because people with similar interests who do not know about each other, not just friends. For example, if two strangers meet, there may be a long and rough first conversation go before similar interests or experiences known.

The match-meter calculations are made ​​using data that you enter, or your iPhone can be extracted. This may look like. If both the second album of the soundtrack of MUSE and Lola Rennt the iPod back up, but then count the proper meter skyrockets. And if you both for one hour at night in bed when the iPhone is still just grabs the latest tweet on the worldwide web to swing, it is also included: you are both night people. In the directory on the iPhone can be found much the same numbers in your phones and are also locations where you and others have been able to be considered. Even if you are a handful of games on the same device to play, that will be reflected in the match-meter. Apple patent suggests the even facial recognition can be used to identify common contacts.

Now before you hard ‘privacy, privacy! calls, it helps to know that Apple is a huge amount of patents registered. These are not all used in practice. It is true today released the patent, it was already submitted in December 2009. This is reflected in the option of another person accessed via Ping , Apple’s (failed) attempt to use purchased music from iTunes to set up a social network.

All the ins and outs of the patent are available on the website of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office .

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