Apple Pay is now available in China. Sure many people think the Mandarin country has been slow, but it can use the mobile payment system on the block. It seems that the delay was due to negotiations with the banks, as Apple believes that China may be the most important market for Apple Pay, as stated by Jennifer Bailey, Vice President of Apple Pay.

China becomes the fifth country to have Apple Pay available, but you can not say that their arrival has been a bed of roses. In fact, even in the United States, where Apple’s headquarters is located, there have been institutions that have viewed with some skepticism the arrival of the mobile payment system from Apple. But, as Mark Natkin, founder of Marbridge Consulting, “People change applications best experiences” but warns that Apple must do more than provide a little more security and usability says.

China will be the most important market for Apple Pay … if you convinces
China is the second largest market for Apple and the first mobile devices. At the end of 2015 were more than 358 million Chinese (more than the entire US population) who bought from mobile devices. If Apple Pay seduced, China will become the largest market for Apple Pay just as it already is for the iPhone.

The main problem that Apple and mobile payments in China face is that no one there waiting for his arrival, since 100% of the premises of the country are able to receive mobile payments. Apple’s service in Mandarin only be one more country, provided they do not offer something that customers or vendors can benefit. Will Apple Pay succeed in China?

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