Apple Pay To Become Operational On October 18


Apple-Pay-main1Apple’s mobile payment system Apple Pay will launch in the United States apparently on October 18 and so on a Saturday. A partner of Apple has to inform its employees who need to prepare for the new payment option.

The U.S. drugstore chain Walgreens has their employees called data to the upcoming launch of Apple Pay. Accordingly, it should be possible from October 18, 2014 to pay at Walgreens with its iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.  Macrumors  leaked a scan of the employee information.


Apple Pay is Apple’s system for payments with NFC, which uses the touch sensor ID as signature spare. The user photographed for once his credit card, which is also stored in Apple’s iTunes Store. It is kept in the Pass Book.

If paying on the net and in the store either a credit card number, an address must still be typed. In the USA for many chains, including McDonald’s, Macy’s, Staples, Toys “R” Us, Disney and Subway support this payment function. In some apps from dealers they should also be integrated in order to make online purchases with it. Apple does not experience claims to be doing what the customer buys.

On October 16, Apple has invited the press to a new event. Presumably new iPads are here shown every year at this time. These are rumored to be the first time feature a fingerprint sensor, which is installed on iPhones since the 5S model. Whether an NFC module is integrated, is not known. It might be, however, not very practical for customers to pay with a 9.7-inch tablet at the supermarket checkout. Apple Pay is currently on iOS 8 not activated yet: This will be done with the update 8.1. A preliminary version has been distributed to developers

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