Apple Pay is already working in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. To this list of countries we can probably add another this week: China. A representative of the Bank of China Guangfa Bank appears to have confirmed, through public bank account in WeChat, that the launch of Apple Pay will occur this week. According to him, Apple Pay will begin to walk in China on Thursday February 18 at 5 am local time.

Apple has already announced a few months ago the launch of Apple Pay in China in early 2016 to coincide with the Chinese New Year, which officially confirmed for release on Thursday come on schedule. Apple Pay will come to China in cooperation with UnionPay, a state entity with a monopoly on the management of credit cards and debit cards. Apple has also reached agreements in China with four major state banks.

On June 18, Chinese users will start using Apple Pay to make payments in shops in the country, thanks to the agreement between Apple and the major banks in China. Everything will be active on the iPhone with iOS 9.2 or later and watchOS 2.1 or later.
By the end of June, the service will be available in France, which will be the second country after Britain to embrace Apple Pay. Initially, the service in France will be limited only to American Express.
So it will be interesting to see over the coming weeks what the response from Chinese users compared to other Western countries. Apple has shown much interest in recent months in getting Apple Pay is a reality in China, a very different American where they expect the adoption of its mobile payment system market much faster.

On the other hand, new rumors suggest that Apple Pay could continue to expand across Europe this year. According to the French medium iGeneration, Apple is working on the launch of Apple Pay in France a reality and could announce it during the first half of 2016, perhaps at WWDC Month junio.Por far more data are not known on the possible launch of Apple Pay in France, nor a specific date from which French users can start using the service, or what banks would bear the Apple service payments on its release in France.

As you will recall, the very Tim Cook announced last October launch Apple Pay in Spain during the year 2016. With Apple Pay and working in the UK, with its launch announced for this year in Spain and, as we learned today perhaps also in France, it seems that Apple Pay slowly to be gaining ground in Europe.(cnBETA [Google Translate] | Via: 9to5Mac)

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