Apple plans to activate its mobile payment service in the UK on July 14 and already informed the employees of physical stores of the country apple pay that Tuesday will coincide with the date indicating Plus Waitrose supermarkets. With the latter, it seems that the date is confirmed. Cupertino also begin to educate their employees on July 12 so they know how to work with apple pay.

They have already begun to turn some outlets of the country to accept NFC payments and has been promoting the launch of apple pay in stores. Some establishments have a different release date, but on July 14 appears to be the day of general release across the country.

The arrival of Apple Pay the UK was announced at the developer conference last June and will be the first expansion of apple pay outside the United States and the first to reach Europe. The system will operate as in the North American country, without the need to enter a PIN and with the only difference that at first will be a limit of £ 20 per transaction, although this limit and increase in October.


Apple Pay will also arrive this year to Canada and China and South Korea. Considering appointing the Korean country without determining any date, we think that, hopefully, Apple Pay reach more countries in 2016. Services like iTunes Radio has taken two years to get our countries, so the system mobile payments could still be long in coming one or two years. Apple should accelerate negotiations with all countries because we lose everyone, not charge them for their percentage of the transaction as we do not pay with a comfortable and secure.

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