Apple Pay’s launch in Australia



Apple Pay in Australia seems to be delayed because of problems negotiating the four largest banks in the country are willing to reach an agreement with the company on the block, the problem comes when it comes to the fees charged for Apple each transaction. For example, in the US, Apple is left with 15 cents per hundred dollars of Apple employees through Pay. But this offer is not entirely convinced that the Australian banks are reluctant.

Thus, the financial giants of Australia believe that these charges for transactions that Apple takes should be half what it is in America, that is, about seven cents every hundred dollars would be the new method, and if someone hard negotiate when we know well that it is Apple. For the rest, banks and Apple are quite agree, in fact is just this issue that causes friction in the negotiations, since they are not willing to give Apple the $2,000 million that would these rates about who should add the fees already charged by banks to retailers, which could perhaps too expensive product interest and stop themselves from points of sale.

Australia demanded a deal with Apple that resembles more the British, but do not know exactly what exchange rate move in UK. However banks will not be for long an obstacle for quick payment platforms this style prevail everywhere. It seems we get closer and closer to the future when the tickets are a thing of the past.

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