Apple will pay instrument engineers in the back of Google and Twitter



Glassdoor analyst has compiled a list of the top 25 global IT corporations offering to a software engineer , the highest wages in the industry .

Naturally , the top ten leaders included salary and Apple, and Google, and Facebook, but do not they have taken the first line on the return. Topping the list with a salary of nearly $ 160,000 owned by rival Cisco – of Juniper, which manufactures telecommunications equipment for large customers .

The second position went to professional social network LinkedIn, which developers can expect an average annual salary of $ 136,400 . The third, fourth and fifth places went to Yahoo! ($ 130,000 ), Google ($ 127,000 ) and Twitter ($ 124,800 ), respectively. Apple was in sixth place ( $ 124,600 ) .

Glassdoor noted that by itself the base salary – that’s not the whole picture . For example , Facebook is located on the 9th place in the ranking of wages, but employees of the company can get the biggest prize on the basis of a particular period or after the implementation of the project. In addition , many employees receive bonuses in shares of the company and these profits , of course, the rating can not reach. However, the base salary – a kind of foundation on which we can talk about the company’s policy .


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