Dual Sim-Card Adapter With Back Case for iPhone 4


The Dual SIM Card Adaptor allows you to hook two SIM cards with the help of a clip, which goes around the iPhone 4 and is held tightly together with a transparent back cover case which it ships.


A number of phones offer dual SIM card, but most are manufactured for the Asian markets. 4 The iPhone is not good on this side and use the micro SIM. It does not use a standard SIM let alone two. USBfever has created an interesting article 4 for iphone since it can use 2 SIM cards.

The cards are connected to an adapter inserted into the slot of the iPhone microphone with a map that winds up the back of your iPhone 4. The whole is protected by a transparent plastic shell. Alas, you can not have two SIM cards active at the same time (this is a limitation of the iPhone 4), but you can switch between them, without having to reboot your machine.


After installing this kit you choose a two SIM cards in the menu of the iPhone.It is true that the wart, a bit ugly, is not very classy, but With this dual SIM, you’ll have no network problems when you travel in some countries as “exotic.” And if you have two subscriptions and Please send the economy of a iphone.

You can purchase the ” Dual SIM Card for iPhone 4G With Back Cover “page directly by clicking the following link.

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