Apple Pencil Bendgate: the first test of resistance


apple pencil

While many Apple customers have to wait a few weeks to get their hands on the Apple Pencil, the first stability test already appeared on YouTube. It revolves mainly to an anticipated weak point: the Lightning connector on the rear end, through which you can recharge the battery-powered device. The surprising result: like so fragile look the Edit-iPad-design, it holds a lot of.

Every time a new device comes to market will become all types of resistance tests. The most famous and the most often see are the tests that check the scratch resistance of the front panels, the drop tests or, as in this case, a Bend Test, which became especially famous because it was the iPhone 6 “black beast” .



As you can see, the Apple Pencil endures as a champion almost all tests and proves to be very difficult to bend. You could say that to break it would have to do it on purpose.

Apple Pencil holds the shock thanks to a hinge mechanism as it has in the part where it connects to the iPad Pro, which the Lightning connector is not firmly connected to the rest of the Pencil. Assuming underwent enough violence, it is not a surprise that it will take a lot of force to destroy the Apple Pencil. (Source Zach Straley [YouTube])

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