Apple pencil

Apple pencil

One of the greatest paradoxes of Apple’s history was the Apple Pencil, a device or accessory that returned us an “analog” interface to interact with our devices. And I say that it is shocking the release of this product because it was Steve Jobs himself who at the launch of iPhone 4 said: “Nobody wants a stylus (digital pen)”.

With the advent of the iPad Pro came this new device, and criticisms of Cupertino guys ran like rivers of ink, a criticism that calmed down when we saw all the possibilities we had with a device like the Apple Pencil. An Apple Pencil we saw with the arrival of iPad Pro and could be compatible with the iPhone soon … Yes, Tim Cook has been the person who has confirmed.

What people are doing with the Pencil Apple would love to Steve Jobs, that’s what you said last May Tim Cook, is that the Apple Pencil is one of the devices that are trying to sell more. Back to the “analog” in the latest technology device. An Apple Pencil available for the iPad Pro, which could soon reach the iPhone according to own statements of Tim Cook.

As you can read, Tim Cook talks about the iPhone, an iPhone that so far does not support the Apple Pencil making it difficult that we mortals seen something done with Apple Pencil on the iPhone … We’ll see what happens with this, I’m sure tomorrow we will leave doubts in the Keynote, but in my point of view this is something that Apple should have done with the release of Apple Pencil

(Source: NDTV)

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