iPad Pro

iPad ProTaiwanese trade publication DigiTimes reports that Apple is planning to release iPad with a larger screen possibly to be called iPad Pro this Fall . According to the source , the company accelerated the development of devices and plans to present the gadget in the third quarter of 2014 . The model will feature a large display with a diagonal of 12.9-inch.

By the standards of even the 12-inch tablet – a lot . And surprising that Apple decided to release such a gadget. Usually bold experiments with dimensions are Korean and Chinese firms . But if we talk about the upcoming iPad, which may be called iPad or 6 will be a completely new device with its own label (iPad Pro), there are several reasons that make it not so much the creation of risky, as a logical and necessary step.

First , Apple did not participate in the battle for ” phablet ” – gadgets at the junction of smartphones and tablets. Believing that such big phones do not take root in the market , the company decided not to let anything like that, but now we see that in Asia, the phablet is much more popular than traditional smartphones. From this perspective, the big issue iPad may allow Apple to create a new trend in the market .

Secondly, there is a certain category of users , which increased tablet may need. These are people who work with large text, tables , artists , and even those who love to read newspapers and glossy magazines . In other words , iPad Pro is suitable for work and entertainment , and compact it is not so necessary, so as to use it will be people who walk around with a diplomat or a bag, which can be easily placed needed for work and leisure laptop.

It is alleged that iPad Pro will be launched on the market in the fall , along with updated models iPad Air and iPad mini.

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