Apple planning a completely new product line?


The Jap facet Macotakara has fed us in recent weeks with many a new Apple rumors.These were usually a bit blurry and not really reliable. Today, the Japanese have it, but carried to extremes, and so reported to have been learned from supplier community that Apple will bring this year a completely new Mac product on the market. It will differ significantly from all previous ones.


The alleged device could even be marketed under its own name and to differentiate themselves from the Mac shortcuts. Unfortunately, no further evidence cited in the report and are also found no design or features. In the Apple community speculated that it could be a matter of a hybrid device that combines OS X and iOS or an ultra-thin MacBook Pro. The transformation of Intel processors to the ARM chip is only available, but I doubt that the transition is completed this year, there has been only recently released OS X Lion.

Furthermore, you have to remember that Apple has already stated that it was at the end of his classic PC era and is probably completed next year, a complete change in the Apple world.Whether we are already seeing this year, another post-PC product from Apple remains questionable. We'll see what comes to us.

For concern is that Macotakara is not 100-percent success rate when it comes to Apple rumors. They were at least at the deadline for the iPad 2 Media Event and the sales start properly. In contrast, you have been telling the DDR RAM for the MacBook Air features wrong.[via MacRumors]

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