Apple Planning on Making an iPhone Battery that Would Lasts for weeks


These days some customers were having concerns with their iPhone battery lifestyles.&#one hundred sixty;It is among the greatest cellphone customers issues: a battery that get used quick. In a ballot we simply performed,&#a hundred and sixty; the iPhone 4S confirmed to have the most well-liked characteristic within the new iPhone: 33% of our readers would like a greater battery. In 2d location was once a bigger display (27%) and 1/3 position a twin-core processor (handiest 12%!). It’s clear: battery existence is a scorching matter, however all signs are that Apple is working with it. The corporate desires an increasing number of patent functions, coping with a brand new technology of gas cells.


In two recently published patent application describes how batteries can be developed for MacBooks and iOS devices that last for weeks. The December 22, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office a number of patent applications in which fuel their project further explained. The new type of battery is designed for portable devices. Last October, Apple released the first patent on this subject, in which the main lines were plotted. Now filled in details, such as using MagSafe connector for charging an iPhone or MacBook. It seems that Apple is about a breakthrough.

Fuel cells have been around for several years (see the fuel in the picture above, taken
by NASA), but actually broken in mobile phones and laptops, the technology yet. Instead we keep messing around with devices that last for more than one day. The two documents are now before the USPTO, Apple says that the fuel they have developed the need for a large and heavy battery lifting. A hydrogen fuel cell converts hydrogen and oxygen into water and electrical energy. The only byproduct is water, so the batteries do not contain harmful substances have to last much longer. The technology can already be used in electric cars. Apple patent application pulls in a lot of world suffering from the closet to explain why these fuel cells are better: the United States are very dependent on fossil fuels, causing political and military relations should be maintained with unstable governments in the Middle East. In addition, the own residents exposed to the dangers of offshore drilling platforms.

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