With the next-generation iPhone, Apple wants to use Force-touch technology for its smartphones, at least the most recent forecasts. Allegedly, the company also thinking about the pink color option.

The Wall Street Journal claims to have learned more details about Apple’s plans for iPhone 6s. In the next generation, Apple Touch Force will be introduced. Force Touch allows the touch screen to detect if the user taps the surface slightly or somewhat firmer suppressed. Apple uses this technology in the Apple Watch and now also in the new MacBook.

If Apple used the technology in the next-generation iPhone, would not that surprising. Bizarre is there already predicting respect of another color option: The Wall Street Journal will also hear that Apple wants to introduce the color variant pink – or at least think about it. With it, iPhone 6s could easily replace the iPhone 5c – and it sure would actually still be other colors.

The newspaper is usually quite knowledgeable about Apple’s plans, so that the color prediction is to be taken seriously. In addition to Force touch technology, the iPhone 6s should get 2 GB of RAM, an improved camera and Apple A9 processor. In terms of design is likely to change somewhat in comparison to the iPhone 6 hardly; Apple may, according to the Wall Street Journal, the display sizes maintained. Apple will introduce the device in all probability in Fall.

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