Making a car is much more time-consuming and lengthy process than creating the most complex smartphone, tablet or computer. Especially when experience in the automotive industry simply does not. So please be patient: Apple’s electric car is not expected before 2020.

According to Bloomberg, Apple really is working on a secret project, which aims to create an electric vehicle. In this case, the employees assigned to the job five years, production should be launched in 2020. The company expects that it will compete with models coming from Tesla and GM.

Period of five years is pretty standard for the automotive industry, where the creation of a new model usually takes five to seven years. Given the lack of experience at Apple and developments in this field, we can assume that the company sets strict limits in time to enter the market of electric vehicles before it is finally divided by other manufacturers. For example, at the moment, and Tesla, and GM are working on electric vehicles with power reserve in excess of 200 miles at a cost less than the car $40.000.

You can start preparing for the next five years of constant rumors about Apple working on an electric car that can also change the automotive industry, as did the iPod, iPhone and iPad in their product categories. Judging by the active search for employees with experience in the automotive industry, the company from Cupertino have every chance of success.

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