basis-watchApple plans to buy the developer monitors physical activity Basis Health, said on Monday TechCrunch. The iPhone maker was among the four IT- corporations that have expressed an interest in the company Basis Science. The other three – Microsoft, Google and Samsung.

The most famous product is the intellectual Basis fitness tracker Basis Health Tracker Watch. Outwardly, it resembles electronic wristwatch : on the obverse has backlit display , which displays information about the physical activity of the user . The main part of the sensor is integrated into the lower part of the body : here is an optical heart rate monitor for assessing heart rate sensor thermometer and sweating. In addition, the device is equipped with a triaxial accelerometer.

According to TechCrunch, in the process of developing their devices Basis Science is collaborating with researchers from the University of California at San Francisco, Institute for Education and Research Northern California Medical Center Veterans Affairs San Francisco, and some others. Thus, the accuracy of the trackers Basis evaluated on both sides – and doctors and consumers.

Interest in Apple Developer Basis Health is not surprising. Lately manufacturer hired several experts in the field of medical technology. Apparently, the company developed “smart” iWatch watch will not only be a stylish accessory for owners of iPhone, combines the capabilities of a fitness tracker , but a full-fledged medical device .

The timing of release of portable Apple computer unknown. According to rumors, the release date of the gadget is connected with the release of the iOS App Healthbook 8 , which will be presented along with a new operating system or after its debut in September or October.

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