In developing mapping services is a key issue of high informative value while maintaining ease of use . One way to improve performance is to use , and informative additional layers. Bureau of patents and trademarks issued U.S. patent Apple , which describes the directions of further development of American branded cards .

According to the description of the patent in the future Apple card can get a few extra informative layers. They provide structure , which will be displayed dynamically desired user information. Presentation of baseline data is very fast, say at Apple. Since the base layer is relatively static and does not change frequently , it can be calculated display once and then reused .

The base layer on the maps will show the basic geographic information . At the same time will be able to overlay interactive layers that perform specific tasks and imaging on request additional information. For example, one layer may be responsible for road traffic , the other – for weather information , the third show on the map places the institution or company. You can add multiple layers or remove some of them to map displays only the necessary information .


In the past year, Apple has been criticized for numerous errors and inaccuracies service. Nevertheless, opportunities , financial and technical capacity of the company is such that if she wants to make your map service one of the best on the market , it ‘s really work. However, for this giant Cupertino takes some time and there are no fundamental innovations of competitors. On the timing of the practical implementation of the function layers on maps unknown. [via Appleinsider]

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