Apple plans to introduce the Apple Watch 2 and iPhone 6c in March



Apple used to make a keynote in March to present the next-gen iPad, but this changed when the fourth generation came along in 2012. regained the keynote to present (a second time) the Apple Watch and, according Mark Gurman, more events were held since then. Now, Apple is preparing an event in March 2016 to present the Apple Watch 2. If it is held, it would be confirmed that Cupertino will present a SmartWatch every year and not every 2 -3 years as many expected.

The second generation Apple Watch was put on sale in April, just one year after the first model. But this time could not get one, but it could come close to iPhone as rumored 4-inch smartphone that we’ve always referred to as “iPhone 6c” but that could finally get under a different name, something not very likely but not unreasonable when you consider that reach more than 12 months after the first budget iPhone.

Gurman also stated that Apple started working on the second model of Apple Watch long before the first-gen model went on sale, which would give reason to all those users who thought the second model would be “good” . Apple has been working on a new camera, new Wi-Fi, sleep monitoring and new sensors, but it is not known which of these improvements will bring Apple Watch 2.


It seems clear that the iPhone 6c will have a 4-inch screen. The latest rumors say the new model will have 4-inch metal housing, NFC chip for Apple Pay payments and A9 processor, but would not include 3D Touch Screen-camera or iPhone 6s to give some exclusivity to the latest and most expensive Apple smartphones.

There are different types of rumors. If the rumors the beginning Mark Gurman, we can think that he has little to be official. Gurman already told us that the iPhone 6s come with software-based or the screen of the new iPhone would be something different and come with a new name, among other things flash. So, those who want an iPhone 4-inch id preparing the portfolio.

(Source: 9to5Mac)

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