Apple Plans To Sell Video Subscriptions Through  Apple TV And TV App On iOS AndApple is planning to start selling video subscription to selected TV streaming services directly within its TV application available on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, reports Bloomberg.

The TV app currently unites TV content and films from different providers in one platform, so the ability to subscribe directly from the app seems like a natural evolution of Apple’s efforts to simplify and improve the user experience.

Although you can access content from hundreds of cable provider apps, many of these require a subscription. For example, services such as HBO, Showtime, Starz and Netlfix require a subscription, but can only be subscribed by going to the provider’s website or via a third-party app.

Apple will not start offering this service until next year, it may coincide with the launch of its streaming television service, a service that at the moment we do not know how Apple plans to raise potential customers. At the moment the company is working on a dozen series, all of them own, but there has been talk about the possibility that Apple will reach some agreement with other streaming media to expand its catalog.

The alliance with Disney would have been very interesting and would allow Apple to offer a wide variety of content, but as Disney’s CEO announced last year, this company is working on its own streaming video platform, so The catalog of this company will only be available through its streaming service.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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