$18B Profit on $74.6B in Revenue for Q1 2015

 $18B Profit on $74.6B in Revenue for Q1 2015

Yesterday,  Apple reported for the first fiscal quarter of 2015, which lasted from 1 October to 31 December 2014 calendar. As expected, the results were very impressive.

Let’s start with the digits. For example, Apple’s revenue was $ 74.6 billion and net income reached $ 18 billion ($ 3.06 per share) – it surpasses even the wildest expectations. For comparison, during the same period last fiscal year, Apple earned $ 57.6 billion with a net profit of $ 13.1 billion.

Gross margin also increased from 37.9% to 39.9%. In this case, international sales accounted for 65% of total revenue. Apple also announced a dividend payout: $ 0.47 per share, starting from February 12. Finally, we note a fantastic $ 178 billion of available funds at the disposal of the US company at the end of the next quarter.

Now to the sales unit. As expected, the main source of profit for Apple remains the iPhone. At this time, smartphones were sold at all in record numbers. In particular, it has been sold 74.5 million iPhone against 51 million in the same period last fiscal year. Also pleased with sales of computers Mac: 5,5 million versus 4.8 million previously. But iPad sales fell to 21.4 million – a year earlier were sold 24 million tablets. It looks like the sale of a variety of product categories in the income structure of Apple:


Finally, Apple forecast for the next quarter. The company expects revenue of between $ 52 to $ 55 billion, and gross margin at 38.5% – 39.5%. Thus, another successful from a financial point of view of the quarter for Apple can be considered closed.

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