Becoming Steve Jobs is the new biographical book of Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli which will be published next March 24 (morning) and will be available in both digital and printed formats. This book is undergoing a powerful marketing campaign also from Apple, as we can see the bookstore iBooks is offering an exclusive free sample of the book’s preface and first chapter.

Apple is heavily promoting the book in the days before its release, from iBooks twitter account as well as promotional emails from Apple describe it as “the only book on Steve recommended for those who know what really” even dare to compare it with the biography of the genius of Apple already published at the time Walter Isaacson, that self Tim Cook described as terrible.

In the preface to show we can read Schlender describing his first interview with Steve Jobs, when he still gave occasional blind stick with your new adventure NeXT, which remained just that, an adventure, as well as detailing a short summary of their relationship over that time developed. Furthermore the first chapter begins with a description of the reactions of Jobs on a meeting with members of the Seva Foundation


The entire book has seventeen chapters revolve around Schlender experience after 25 years with Steve Jobs using the first person singular curiously throughout the entire book. Personally I enjoyed as a child of the biography of Steve Jobs told by Walter Isaacson, because it is not easy to count the dark side sometimes characters so mythologized as it is for example Steve, although this obviously raised over a blister the arguments of his biography it does not go far beyond what can elucidate others such as “Pirates of Silicon Valley” or the film itself which aired last year and half, the latter certainly bad miserably.

The book can already pre-ordered can be done in iBooks for $12.99 and on Amazon Kindle for $15. This is definitely a essential reading for Apple fans.

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