Apple Presents tvOS 12With Dolby Atmos And More


apple-tv-4k-dolby-atmosThe new tvOS 12 is integrated with support for Dolby Atmos. Now the immersive audio will be on a whole new level, provided you have speakers or a soundbar compatible with this standard. Obviously all the contents will also have to support the new audio technology, but there is good news: the iTunes Store will update most of the contents with compatibility to Dolby Atmos and this update will also take place for the contents already purchased by the user. . However, Dolby Atmos will only be available on Apple TV 4K.

Another new feature – which, however, does not interest us closely – is the TV app that will be enriched with channels with sports content in the United States and in the other supported countries. In total, Apple declares that there will be more than 100 TV channels on Apple TV.

Also come new screensavers and the ability to tap on the remote control to find out the precise location where the scene was recorded. Among other things, there is also the new screensaver recorded directly by the ISS space station!

tvOS 12 will be available in the Fall for all users and in beta for developers starting today.

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