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apple musicWhen they were testing the betas of iOS 9.3, there was news that left us puzzled. In the privacy settings it appeared “Media Library” with the icon of the Music application, so all thought it was iCloud library, as we all know, is the Apple Music. So far that option had been almost stopped, but Apple has already begun promoting its API for developers to make use of it.

In the initial confusion, what they thought some media and myself was that third-party applications have access to the library from iCloud to add music from these applications, but it was not something likely considering how Apple and control you like he has about everything it creates. What can make the developers have detailed below.

  • Developers will have access to the library of Apple Music
  • Developers can see if a user is a member today.
  • Developers can see where is the users account.
  • Developers can put in the queue the next song or songs based on the identifier of a song.
  • Developers can inspect lists already available in My Music or create new lists with a title and description.

Moreover, Apple has also released the Apple Music Best Practices page and extended App Store Review Guidelines for Apple Music. According to Apple’s guidelines, applications using this API are subject to the following restrictions:

  • Applications that use the API to activate Apple Music playback without action the explicit user action will be rejected.
  • API applications with Apple Music must expose and respect the standards multimedia controls such as Play, Pause, and Skip.
  • Applications that use the API Apple Music should not request payments or other monetary access to play the Apple Music service, for example, integrated shopping or advertising.

Thus, it seems that doubts have already been dissipated. In fact, there are already applications that request access to this API, like Shazam, and sure soon see many more.

Source: Apple

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