TheNextWeb reported that Apple seems to want to improve the security of Apple IDs . People on iTunes or on an IOS device login with their Apple account, get a message to a security question form. They also have an alternate e-mail address in case of calamities still gain access to the accounts. The reports prove on closer examination come from Apple, although Apple has not officially confirmed.

The email might look like this:

Thank you.

You’ve taken the added security step and provided a rescue email address. Now all you need to do is verify that it belongs to you.

The rescue address you have given us is Just click the link below to verify, sign in using your Apple ID and password, then follow the prompts.

The rescue email address is dedicated to your security and allows Apple to get in touch if any account questions come up, such as the need to reset or change your security questions. As promised, Apple will never send you any announcements or marketing messages to this address.

The security message appears not everyone, but from posts on the Apple forum indicate that the message the last 24 hours gradually more and more people appeared. Apple has long been struggling with the problem that App Store accounts to be hacked, allowing users to be burdened with purchases they do not themselves have done. Also the hacked accounts used to download figures from certain apps to boost. Incidentally, we are receiving more reports of club iphone users about strange transactions on their Click and Buy account, than on iTunes itself.


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