On Tuesday February 25, Apple without much pomp published iBeacon specification – proprietary company, expanding opportunities geolocation. Document appeared on Apple’s website in the section “Made for iPhone»”

Support iBeacon appeared on mobile devices with the release of iOS 7. This works on the basis of low-power transmitters . In simple terms it can be described as a more accurate GPS, working indoors. The technology allows stores to transfer data to mobile devices related to a particular product . Approaching any gadget , the user will see on the screen of the iPhone or iPad detailed information about this product. This may be the price or detailed description thereof .

Based on the specifications iBeacon, technology can not work , either now or in the future with any other mobile device , except for the iPhone and iPad. Third parties are free to use and develop brand iBeacon after signing non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

Currently iBeacon works in all U.S. stores Apple. Using the app Apple Store, visitors can find information about the products presented in the assortment . In addition , the system can manage the queue to Technical Support Genius Bar and talk about possible options for upgrading your iPhone or iPad.


Virgin Atlantic Airlines and SITA also tested the possibility of using technology to improve the quality iBeacon service first-class passengers . With the airport located in the territory bluetooth- transmitters on the iPhone and iPad receive notifications about available services and discounts nearby , as well as information about updates on the scoreboard flight schedules.

Experts say that many retailers in the U.S. are interested iBeacon. The technology allows to obtain information about the movements of visitors inside stores and shopping plazas. These data make it possible to optimize the layout and services outlets to understand how to reduce queues at peak hours, which products more attractive in appearance, but also see a map of the flow of people at different times of the day .

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