Apple publishes a temporary fix to iMessage app crash bug



Apple has released few minutes ago a web of support with steps to restore the iMessage  app when received the “Unicode of Death”, an open problem makes some 48h and leaves completely useless native application messages if we get a sequence of characters concrete.

This sequence, dubbed “Unicode death” or “Effective Power” is a problem that arises from the way in which iOS decodes some Unicode characters, so the device memory overload causing reboots. There are many users who are unable to open the messages application after receiving the text, coming in cases to consider a restoration of the iPhone.

Within hours of the discovery of the bug, Apple has reported that it was studying the problem and about two days later, and has a workaround for the bug. In the web of support on the issue we read:

Apple is aware of an iMessage issue caused by a specific series of unicode characters and we will make a fix available in a software update. Until the update is available, you can use these steps to re-open the Messages app.

  1. Press and hold the home button to call and ask Siri “read unread messages”.
  2. Siri will try to read the message (it will not be possible), and when asked if we respond to the message, we say yes. Once we respond, we can open the messages application again.
  3. In the messages application, slid to the left to delete the entire conversation. You can also tap and hold on the malicious message, tap More and clear the message.

Already they are circulating on the network to retrieve many theoretical systems iMessage after receiving the damn text, but none was an officer, which made them some work and others do not. With Apple proposes steps, it is assumed that we can avoid the problem until an update is released iOS.

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