After a couple of months of "war" with Apple, the applying has been faraway from the App Retailer. The tips are: Rémi Denis-Courmont, main contributor to the advance of VLC, has indicated a while in the past he had requested the elimination of the color of VLC, the stipulations of the Apple retailer via being inconsistent together with her GPL that governs this software.

 In October final yr, he formally submitted a grievance to Apple on account of copyright infringement. This needed to do with the best way VLC for the App Retailer has been disbursed. The device is just not developed by means of VideoLAN however through the French building studio Applidium. Then again, it comprises the unique code of the computer model.


VLC is an open source program under the GNU General Public License (GPL) is distributed, and VLC for IOS in Apple's own iTunes-distributed conditions. These conditions included that users downloaded (free or paid) apps at no more than five units may install. This restriction, known as DRM, is inconsistent with the original GNU license to which the underlying code of VLC for IOS based. Which provides that distribution should be unlimited.

Rémi Denis-Cour Organ had always expected that the IOS version of VLC would soon disappear from the App Store. Last year happened because the same with an IOS-port of GNU Go, a chess game under the GPL license is distributed. All in all, it still lasted more than two months before Apple pulled the plug. Denis-Cour Apartment writes the following about:

At last, Apple HAS VLC media player removed from it's application store. Galanthus the incompatibility Between the GNU General Public License and the terms of use AppStore is resolved – the hard way. Should not this end have come to a surprise to anyone, Given the precedent.

Moreover, it is striking that no VideoLAN was that Apple had a complaint with, but that Denis-Cour Apartments, also an employee of phone manufacturer Nokia, on a personal endeavor to set the application from the App Store. Earlier he called users still to choose a more open mobile platforms that nature. He says the success and quality of VLC whatsoever due to his license.

VLC IOS was, like the desktop version, a media player for the IOS platform with support for multiple audio and video formats. VLC apperead in September for the iPad , in October became a universal application that is suitable for the iPhone and iPod touch [9 to 5 Mac]


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