NextVR has been acquired by Apple. In April, there were already rumors that Apple may have bought the company for around $100 million. Now, NextVR has taken down from Google Play Store and “takes a new direction”.   

NextVR is no longer active now that the company has been taken over, noted by Gurman. Apple has ambitious plans for augmented reality and future AR-focused glasses or headset. ARKit was developed for this, but it consists entirely of software. What is still missing is the necessary hardware and NextVR may be able to help. The company makes virtual reality headsets and has been working on VR in conjunction with sports and entertainment for a decade.

NextVR has 40 patents in total. Previously, it offered virtual reality experiences for live events. It used headsets from Oculus, HTC, Microsoft, Lenovo, and Playstation. For Apple, not only the experience with VR is interesting, but also the huge pile of patents for video streams. NextVR uses this technology to stream high-quality music and sports events to headsets. 

Last year, the company had to fire 40% of its staff and failed to raise additional funding. This may be the reason to start selling the tent now. NextVR may have gambled wrong by focusing mainly on virtual reality, while companies like Apple see much more in augmented reality.

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