screenshot-2015-03-19-14-53-46Apple recently removed numerous infected applications, available on the App Store Chinese. These applications allow you to collect and send personal information, directly to the company that had manufactured using its own SDK.

More 256 iPhone applications, iPod Touch and iPad, the vast majority of them developed by Chinese, have been located by Apple because its sole purpose is to violate the privacy by collecting users personal information, such as e-mail addresses, installed applications and even the serial numbers of the devices. This comes on the heels of the announcement that Apple SourceDNA made this kind of practice, after which Apple did not lose a single moment to ensure the safety of users and consumers, conducting an intensive investigation into malicious applications.

figureBesides Apple team he has had a tough job because they were pretty well hidden behind a facade of normal application. The purpose of these applications was to capture personal information from users and then track them one way or another.

The discovery was made by SourceDNA scoop has brought to light the fact that Apple usually has some unguarded moments. These applications use an SDK called Youmi advertising and developed in China whose only purpose is to “deal” with user private data.

Also, the Chinese company Youmi stealing data for two years, but in recent months have significantly increased data collection, thus compromising their safety. The infected applications were able to collect data such as email addresses and other user credentials that used them. All these data were then sent to the server Youmi, which were discovered by Apple, thanks to SourceDNA.

The Cupertino company confirms that the infected applications and a total of 256 were recorded as many as one million downloads. Despite this Apple reassures developers and users, providing support for developers in the creation of app more secure and invulnerable to this kind of attacks.(Via: SourceDNA)

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