Apple ultimate quarter gross sales recoed used to be a disenchanted, this time they exploded the gross sales figures for iPhone and iPad within the first quarter of fiscal 2012 are merely distinguished, for lack of extra acceptable phrases. Apple has bought 37.04 million of iPhone between late September and late December 2011 .



 This increase of 116.97% over this and quarter 128.10% over the years, thanks to the iPhone 4S : the average basket is increased to $ 660, it is the most expensive models that have was the most sold. The same phone that was expected by consumers in Q4 2011 and that caused the contempt of some disgruntled presentation has therefore had the desired effect: Apple has more than doubled its sales, and is now probably the number a world smartphone, to Samsung (about 35 million units shipped, with a range from 32 to 37 million, the Korean manufacturer no longer provide exact numbers) .


The iPhone has beaten analysts' estimates, as the iPad: Apple has sold 15.43 million units during the holidays . It doubles its sales in one year (+ 110.56%), an encouraging figure: now it takes three times more than iPad Mac. The iPod knows a path opposite: it is sold 15.397 million units , down 20.84% ​​compared to last year.

Tim Cook said Apple had sold 62 million devices iOS during the last three months of 2011 – slightly more than Android devices according to official figures activation of Google. We can estimate the sales of iPod touch to 11.6 million units. Since their respective creations, Apple has sold 336.4 million for iPod, iPhone 182.8 million and 55.3 million iPad.


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