Apple Quarterly Earnings: over 20 million iPhones and 9million iPads sold


Apple has just published the quarterly results for the 2011 third fiscal quarter(ending June 25, 2011) and there is again talk of a record. Besides the usual increase in numbers since Macs sold this year were also significantly more iPhones and iPads sold. There went the last three months 3.95 million Mac computers (14% growth) over the counter and passed 7.54 million iPods (20% decrease). When the iPhone was the number of copies sold 20.34 million units, an increase of 142 percent. With the iPhone, growth was slightly stronger, there
were 9.25 million units sold, which is an increase of 183 percent.



Earnings rose to $7.31 billion and total revenues amounted to $28.57 billion. In the same quarter last year was 3.25 billion and 15.70 billion in revenues, profits run. The gross profit margin compared to the previous reporting period rose from 39.1% to 41.7%. International sales accounted for 62 percent of quarterly sales.

Steve Jobs says that Apple in the press release on the occasion of the presentation number drafted, that they are pleased to again have the best quarter ever played. Revenue was up 82 percent and profit rose 125 percent. "Currently we are focused and excited to iOS 5 icloud and autumn bring to our users," added Jobs added. Financial husband Peter Oppenheimer might also say something: "We are extremely pleased with our performance this quarter's cash flow at $ 11.1 billion spent, an increase of 131 percent year-over-year." He expects the next quarter sales of $25 billion is made ​​and the diluted ear
nings per share
 at about $5.50 out.

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