Apple raises prices in some European App Stores


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Apple conducting a maintenance on iTunes Connect and warned developers therefore that any price changes will be implemented later. But Apple has quietly changed the prices themselves. Apps that previously €0.79 in the App Store for sale were suddenly costs € 0.89. The price applies to the some European countries, and seems to have no connection with the recent VAT increase.

The prices for the apps Monopoly and Should I go to the doctor have been adjusted as shown on the pictures to see. Also WhatsApp and other popular apps are already in the price changed. The price of 79 cents and 89 cents instead of 1.59 euros 1.79 euros you pay now. Not all prices of apps are updated, so it is possible that you have apps of 79 cents or € 1.59. The price increase also applies to other unnamed price levels. The  amounts increase to 12.5% in most cases.

The Next Web reports:

“The amount of increase in each country appears to be caused by an increase in local taxes in many countries. Apple is based in Luxembourg for tax and VAT purposes with regards to sales in the EU, so an additional cost is passed on to developers. This puts their cut closer to 60% in the EU, rather than the 70% Apple pays developers elsewhere. But that isn’t anything new. There does, however, appear to be a slight increase in the cut Apple takes due to taxes which puts their cut at nearly exactly 59-60%.”

It is the first time that Apple App Store adjust prices. There is little chance that this only with the increase in VAT in the Netherlands has to do, because if Apple only from 19% to 21% had increased the price was increased from 79 to 80 cents.
The prices in the U.S. App Store at the time of writing the same: $ 0.99, $ 1.99 and so on. It seems therefore strongly that it is a currency adjustment. Also in Italy, Germany, Denmark and other European countries have raised prices.

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