Bad (or good, depending on your point of view) news for all those who bought one or more “Beats Pill XL”. “Bad” because it is a shame to read such news about a product that will hopefully be a concentration of the latest technology. “Good”, however, because all owners of a “Beats Pill XL” who learned the news today, have the right to request a refund of around 300 Euro.

What’s new from Apple world …? Many beautiful news and rumors about the WWDC 2015 which will be the presentation of iOS 9. Sadly, though, there are other unpleasant news for Apple itself. Among these is the question of the Beats Pill XL, a portable speaker from excellent features, but it would seem to be a fire risk because of defective batteries.


In this regard, the same Apple wanted to issue a statement, also published a special support page with which to demand the removal of the product and the subsequent reimbursement or through “credit Apple” or “e-payment”. The loan is repayable in an amount of about $300. No problem, however, relates to the  previous model also available for more now also in steep discount.

If you too are among potential buyers, you can fill in the form published on the appropriate Apple support page.


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