It’s been known for a while that Apple was working to enter the automobile market. The Cupertino company has indeed made some moves in the track, including the purchase of some buildings in Palo Alto to that effect. Here some official documents directly from California DMV .

In fact, the agency of the American state in charge of issuing driving licenses, authorized Apple to run tests on the car road autonomous driving. The Cupertino company thus officially entered into the joint venture related to “self-driving car” adding other giants such as Google, Tesla, BMW, Honda, Ford, Nissan, to name a few.

It should be stressed that, in order to receive this authorization, an extremely rich documentation must be presented to the DMV, complete with all the technical details relating to vehicles that will be involved in testing. This inevitably suggests that Apple has already realized prototypes, confirming Apple was already working for some time in this area.

It remains to understand what the car’s peculiarities in autonomous driving license plate Apple. It is clear that in future perspective, it may be a move can break free from mobile devices as a single core business, opening today unimaginable market scenarios. The hope is that the start of the test in question can provide more precise details about the next few weeks.

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