Apple refused iOS source code to China



Apple general counsel Bruce Sewell sat yesterday in another hearing on encryption was called “Cracking the encryption debate: Perspectives industry and law enforcement.” At that hearing, Apple admitted that China had asked the source of their operating systems on several occasions in the past two years code, something that is rumored that Microsoft relented.

Sewell was pressed to answer the question related to China’s request for the reports that the company directed by Tim Cook had provided the Government with the great Asian country in the past sensitive information. But the answer that gave the general counsel of the company’s apple was as surprising as expected.

The reports claimed that Apple offered help to China became more frequent at the height of the confrontation between Apple and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, when Captain Charles Cohen, commander of the Indiana State Police, said Apple had given information to the Government Chinese in exchange for commercial advantages in China. At first, we might think that the statement Cohen makes sense, but we just have to see the answer you have given Tim Cook and company in the country where they have their headquarters to realize that Apple will not provide this information to anyone.

Moreover, Sewell said he has requested private meetings with the FBI to discuss encryption and has been requesting such meetings before the case of San Bernardino. Apple general counsel says he is still willing to meet with the forces of US law. We’ll see what happens in the next episode of the series vs. Apple FBI.

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