Apple decided to reject Gravity application that exploit the 3D Touch and iPhone iPhone 6S /6S Plus in order to measure the weight of various objects. That’s the case of Gravity, the application that was rejected by Apple for inclusion in the App Store, even though it was working perfectly.

Although some developers have already demonstrated the potential of this idea, at least for the moment we will not see any app “balance” on the official store. For Apple, the 3D Touch can not be used for this purpose. The confirmation comes from a software developer led by Ryan McLeod, who has been trying for several weeks to get approved the Gravity app on the App Store.

This application uses the 3D Touch to weigh small items, using a special calibration created by the developers. Apple refused several times the app, explaining that it is a software that can confuse users who are in possession of an iPhone. Basically, Apple has confirmed that the App Store there are hundreds of apps “joke” that promise to be able to turn the iPhone into a scale, while other more “serious” exploit tilt the iPhone to weigh, so to say, some objects. Clearly, all of these apps do not work properly, but Gravity is one of the first to really exploit the 3D Touch and can provide measurements very close to reality.

Gravity was rejected because it was considered just another app “joke”, but by then the developer has posted a video to Apple showed where the real functioning of the app. In response, those who decide on the app to be published on the store explained that Gravity still could not be approved because “the concept of an app that acts as a balance is not appropriate for the App Store.”

And ‘likely that Apple’s decision to refuse these apps for a variety of reasons: the use of the screen as the base for the objects to be weighed could damage the device, although Gravity allows you to weigh up to a maximum of 385 grams, too few to ruin the display; Apple has also thought about the negative aspects of an app like this (the 3D Touch could be used to weigh drugs); Finally, maybe it’s still too early to be able to open the door to use as advanced 3D Touch.(Source: Medium)


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