After the discharge of iOS 6 beta model, some have recommended that Apple may unencumber a separate software for a podcast, and now these rumors were proven. Only recently, the App Retailer, a brand new specialised utility for paying attention to podcasts on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Contact. software is already on hand for obtain in App Retailer, and from the outline we are able to see: Appendix "Podcasts" – is one of the simplest ways to find new podcasts, subscribe to and play again your favourite podcasts on the iPhone, iPad and iPod contact. 

Podcastapp (1)
Discover thousands of audio and video podcasts in the catalog, play the most popular of them, sorted by topic, using the latest feature "Top stations". 
Functions:watch and listen to audio and video collected in a single program, discover hundreds of thousands of podcasts in 40 languages ​​of the world, using the new "Top stations" to search for a new series of podcasts with a huge variety of topics, including art, business, humor, music, news, sports and more, follow the search for podcasts by category 'Audio' and &quot
;Video" or read the most popular of them in the top chart, 
subscribe by clicking on your favorite podcasts and automatically receive new releases free of charge as they become available, follow the stream issues, or upload them to listen to offline mode, scroll back and forth through simple playback controls, use the sleep timer to automatically switch off when listening to a podcast playing in bed, to submit their favorite podcast to friends via Twitter, text messages and e-mail to request your favorite editions of sync podcasts from iTunes on your Mac or PC running running Windows; sync playback issues for a smooth transition from device to device.

Application Podcasts is the easiest way to find a podcast, subscribe to it and listen to podcasts on the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Discover thousands of free audio and video podcasts with the help of podcasts and listen to your favorite podcasts from the list generated for you application.

• Enjoy all of your audio and video podcasts in a single app
• Explore hundreds of thousands of podcasts including shows in over 40 languages
• Try the innovative new Top Stations feature to find new podcast series in a variety of topics, including arts, business, comedy, music, news, sports, and more.
• Browse by Audio or Video podcasts, or see what's most popular in Top Charts
• Tap subscribe for your favorites and automatically receive new episodes for free as they become available
• Stream episodes or download to listen while offline
• Skip forward and back using simple playback controls
• Turn on Sleep Timer to automatically stop playing a podcast while listening in bed
• Share your favorite episodes with friends using Twitter, Messages and Mail
• Optionally sync your favorite episodes from iTunes on your Mac or PC
• Sync your episode playback for seamless tra
nsition between devices

• Requires a device with iOS 5.1 or later
• Optionally syncing episodes requires iTunes 10.6.3 or later
• Streaming or downloading episodes requires internet access over a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection

In my opinion, it is interesting that Apple has released a new application right now and not in conjunction with the official release of the new iOS 6. In addition, I would point out an unusual application interface, designed as a film recorder.

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