Since the launch of iPhone 7 h much spoken on the glass that protects the camera lens device and start button crystal under which is the fingerprint sensor. Some tests conducted by different people and uploaded to YouTube have made it challenged the official specifications of Apple to “prove” that do not reach the level of resistance that would have a material such as sapphire, and many have come to ensure that Apple does not he used this material, lying to their customers, or wearing a sapphire poor quality and therefore not stand as it should. However a new video shows that it is actually sapphire, reaching analyze the composition of the glass in the laboratory, and even Apple has issued an official statement. All information below.

The video that there is this on top of these words is the same person who questioned the composition of the glass of the camera in an earlier video, and is an absolute gem because it can not be more rigorous and objective in it, reaching analyzed under the electron microscope glass iPhone camera and comparing it with a sapphire crystal Tissot watch. Despite being in English worth it because there are few occasions when a YouTuber taken so much trouble to create a video as rigorous. Here we can also find the solution to this mess on sapphire and why is scratched when it should not. The explanation is simple: no scratches, fractures. Although it may sound the same, it really is not. The camera glass is not thick enough to withstand the pressure during the test, and although at first glance seems to be scratched with a punch hardness 6 (should not be if sapphire), the reality is that the pressure does the crystal fracture, no scratches, as you can see under a microscope.

Apple for its part has not hesitated to confirm that the glass is indeed sapphire, as it did the same Phill Schiller few days ago on Twitter, insisting that such tests should be performed in a laboratory serving a number of very precise requirements for be valid. Compare the glass of a watch with a glass of a mobile camera is not correct, because the thickness of both crystals is very different and therefore the pressure level that support up break is not the same. It seems that the mystery has been solved.

(Source: iMore)

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