Lately, the rate of launching iOS 12 betas has significantly increased, while the official launch will take place within a month or so. yesterday, Apple released sixth beta iOS 12 for developers.

As always, in a developing operating system such as iOS 12, there is not too much is expected at the level of modifications.

 The reality is that the fifth beta of iOS 12 has turned out to be quite good and solve many issues that had been dragging since the fourth version, so we installed this sixth beta with a little fear that the Cupertino company back to the old ways.

At this moment, we are giving the first impression of iOS 12 beta 6, an firmware that brings nothing more and nothing less than 450 MB of content in the version for the iPhone X, which presumes a good battle of errors solved.

From what we can see, everything points to the disappearance of the problem of pairing via Bluetooth that has been dragging the fifth beta, especially with devices such as AirPods. In the same way, they have fixed Apple Pay Cash errors.

Siri errors and Shortcuts are still present due to the numerous modifications that the system is suffering on this scale, although they will improve little by little. The Casa application also incorporates the low opacity of its buttons, something that has been transferred to the Control Center.

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