Apple released few minutes ago and iOS 10.0.3. This update has reached more than three weeks after the release of the previous version, iOS 10.0.2 that came to errors. Now the version iOS 10.0.3 is released to fix cellular connectivity issues., but is only available for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus because this new version of Apple’s mobile operating system has been launched with the sole intention of solving some connection failures experienced on the latest models of apple phone.

The size of the update leaves no doubt: about 70MB on the iPhone 7 Plus. An update with so little weight can only include a few patches. If I’m not mistaken, iOS 10.0.3 LTE solve problems, especially those of Verizon connectivity. It is likely that the patches included in this version also fix the bug that could cause a iPhone 7 will not connect to the telephone network after airplane mode is deactivated, but this is something that we can only confirm past hours.

Updates so unimportant how are you, especially if you were not experiencing the problem, there are usually few. In fact, Apple usually release a new version of iOS for all your devices and this version of iOS is only available for the last two phones to reach the family of Cupertino. What we are waiting for everyone, especially the owners of an iPhone 7 Plus, it is the launch of iOS 10.1, one that will come with the expected since its announcement function will allow us to take pictures with the effect with blurry background version.

So, today we had a new version of iOS that is sure to disappoint those who are expecting Apple to release more important things. are you one of them?

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