Nothing was heard about the new iOS 8.2 builds in the middle of December, when Apple released the third beta version. Holidays are over, and today the company presented to developers of the fourth beta update of Apple mobile operating system.

When we are imminently expecting Apple to release iOS 8.1.3, a new update will be less, solving only a few minor glitches mobile operating system of Apple in Cupertino have just released the fourth beta of IOS 8.2, which itself is important, incorporating developments related to the Apple Watch. This fourth Beta comes less than a month after the previous one and you can download from the Apple Developer Center or from devices with a previous Beta by OTA.

The build number of iOS 8.2 beta 4 – 12D5461b. The update can be done over the air from the Settings if you are already using a previous beta version of the software, or to obtain the firmware file in the Developer Center. We remind you that in order to install the beta version of iOS device must be attached to a developer account, otherwise there is always likely to remain without a smartphone or tablet working.

In addition to iOS 8.2 beta 4 is now available to developers today, Xcode 6.2 beta 4, which includes an updated WatchKit SDK to develop applications for smart hours Apple Watch. Expect a speedy release of iOS 8.2 is not necessary, probably update will be available at the time of the start of sales of SmartWatches.

iOS 8.2 will be a new Apple Watch oriented version and it is expected to arrive simultaneously with the launch of Apple’s smart watch. The first beta brought the SDK for developers who can now create the first extensions and applications for smart watch. Currently the applications are virtually “satellites” in Apple clock, with the need to have an iPhone connected to the vast majority of cases.

If you’re already testing iOS 8.2 beta 4, tell us in the comments about the changes found. Everyone else who does not trust the beta versions of iOS, worth the wait when the iOS 8.1.3 release take place.

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