As opposed to popular expectations and schedule releases new versions of the mobile operating system , Apple today released the third beta of iOS 8.3 . In addition, this version will be the first that will be available to users simple for public testing.

Today, developers have access to the iOS 8.3 beta 3. The same version will be available in the beta program for its registered users. In other words, for the first time in the history of iOS beta version of mobile operating system from Apple will be officially distributed to the public.

As 9to5Mac reports that Apple has revamped its beta program today. It is now no longer limited only to OS X. Apple now offers iOS in the beta test. The name is accordingly now “Apple Software Beta Program”.

Registration for the beta program succeeds on the popular website. The option to iOS test may not yet be visible to everyone, because the updates of this page have begun only recently.

Update: The Verge reports that Apple may more accurately selects who may participate in the beta test and who is not.

Rene Ritchie of iMore confirmed this theory:

Apparently Apple has written a beta tester of OS X by e-mail, who were actively involved in the testing of Yosemite.

A few weeks ago was leaked that Apple will soon offer also a public beta test of iOS. In the summer it can be expected that iOS is 9 performed as a public test.

iOS betas should not be installed on major devices, since these are test versions, which could bring unknown error. This can also apply to apps that do not come from Apple. Complaints from beta testers in the form of negative reviews on the App Store are therefore always been seen very reluctantly. It is interesting how Apple will handle such assessments in the future.

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