iTunes 12.4.1 is there. Just over two weeks ago, Apple has provided the final version of iTunes 12.4 to download. On board were various improvements in the design and functionality. However, a few minor errors had crept that Apple now fixes iTunes 12.4.1.

From now on you can download from the Apple iTunes 12.4.1 servers you. In the release notes states


This update fixes several problems in which iTunes does not work as expected with VoiceOver. It also provides the ability to restore, reset the number of plays and resolves the following issues.

This update addresses a number of problems where iTunes doesn’t work as expected with VoiceOver. It also restores the option to Reset Plays and fixes the following issues: -Up Next may have unexpectedly played songs added together in the incorrect order. -iTunes was prevented from crossfading between songs.

iTunes is available as usual through the Mac App Store.

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