Apple released the Apple TV firmware 7 Beta 1


apple-tv-betaIn addition to  iOS 8 beta 2 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite Update 1.0 on yesterday, Apple released the first beta version of the new Apple TV firmware. The software is available for registered developers.

Apple TV Update 7 Beta 1 aimed at improving the device operation and error correction. First software platform for set-top box has a limitation. The firmware is available on Apple TV the third generation, as well as on the Apple TV 2G, issued after 2011. Second-generation set-top box released in 2010 is not supported.

Known Issues Apple TV 7 Beta 1:

“Hang” during video playback. Sometimes playback may stop completely.
Purchase clips can lead to an emergency reboot Apple TV.
Test Apple TV 7 Beta 1, as well as any other release can only registered developers involved in programs iPhone Developer Standard or Enterprise Program.

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