Apple launched a 2d beta model of the upcoming new iOS 6 firmware. It is known that the developers update the page has been updated yet, but the developers have reported that the update can be downloaded over the air. Of course, there is not any information about what changes we'll see in the Beta version of iOS 6, but now we are able to note a little bit strange inscription "operating system" of the new version of mobile operating systems. 


This second beta version in the changelog contains no remarkable changes. The over the airinstall iOS 6 Beta 2 offers something new to see: an animated Settings icon.

In addition, those who have already started to download updates highlighted the fact that the icon "Settings" in the process of renovation acquired animation. Pack size is about 300 megabytes, depending on product model, for example, to upgrade the size of the iPhone 4S is 322 MB. seems to update is not yet available for all, as my iPad 2 says that I have the newest version of the software, but presumably that in the next few hours, all developers will be able to evaluate changes in the new version of firmware.

If you are a developer you can download the second beta of iOS 6 download via an over-the-air (OTA) update, you'll find it in the settings menu> General> Software Update. The second beta is currently not available in the iOS Dev Center, though it will begin to appear at any moment.

We recommend that only developers and people who have registered their UDID, do not start to IOS versions that are available on Torrents. These versions would your IOS device may be bricken.

No UDID registered? Then you can always go for 79 euros a developer account and use all the comforts that come with watching.


  • Alignment Facebook and Twitter button Notification Center improves
  • Toggle 3G added
  • Performance Maps application improves
  • Game Center network problems solved
  • Wi-Fi Sync
  • Passbook Reset
  • Safari support for request frame animation and frame animation cancel
  • + More


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