apple tv

Apple released a cumulative update for the second set-top box Apple TV. As usual, the company recommends users update to all devices , and as soon as possible . A key change in the firmware 6.0.2 is a bug fix , the operation of which may lead to the interception of user session data .

On February 21,  iOS 7.0.6 update was release for smartphones iPhone, the iPad and iPod, the designed to protect users from hackers who could ” gain access to information and modify it .” Later it turned out that the same problem exists in computers and Apple, running on the operating system OS X. Tuesday to solve this problem was released a software update OS X 10.9.2.

Along with OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 was released firmware 6.0.2 for Apple TV set-top boxes second and the third generations. It fixes a bug that occurs when establishing a secure connection SSL / TLS, which can be used by hackers to intercept user actions.

Apple TV users can download the new firmware 6.0.2 6646.81.1 numbered now . To do this, go to Settings – > General – > Update Software.

The main purpose of Apple TV – on your TV movies, music and photos from your library iTunes, as well as iOS- devices using the technology AirPlay. At the heart of Apple TV 2G lies chip A4, familiar from such gadgets as the iPhone 4 , iPad 1 and iPod touch 4G, and Apple TV 3G, supports video playback 1080p, A5 dual-core processor with one core disabled . As a platform used a modified version of iOS.

Soon will release the fourth generation Apple TV . The device , according to sources close to Apple , get a more powerful processor , a redesigned interface in the style of iOS 7 and will support new types of content.

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