Apple solar

Every time Apple releases a new one, or show us the benefits of new products, well out to remind us what new options have with OS updates, or appear to remind some of the things that makes Apple not directly related to the product itself, but with the brand.  It’s called Better Here starts. Coinciding with the release of the new report, Apple also shows a new video in which companies from California shows that one always thinks of the environment.
Apple solar

Whether it’s about the power consumption of a single iPhone or supply of a computer center with electricity from hydropower plants, Apple points out in his latest report and the accompanying video protecting the environment:

Environmental protection ranges from the design of a new device through to used packaging material. Apple already had in the past week the purchase of 36,000 acres given timber in the eastern US in cooperation with “The Conservation Fund” known.

In the US, the power used for all data centers, offices and Apple stores from renewable energy sources, considered the world there are 87 percent. All German Apple stores get their electricity from renewable energy sources also. Worldwide there are 360 ​​of more than 450 stores, which are supplied with power. The goal is to supply in the future all stores with electricity from wind, solar or water.

But Apple’s suppliers are involved in environmental protection. Thus, about Flextronics – responsible for the production of the Mac Pro – converted its offices in Austin, Texas on electricity from wind power plants. The addition of a solar farm, this time in Hongyuan, China, is to saturate the local power consumption.

Apple offers further on the website for all the products its own environmental report in which, among other details such as emissions, energy efficiency and substances contained are listed.

The full report is available as a PDF download.

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