Apple Releases How-To Video Tutorials For iOS 11



After beta versions, the new iPhone and iPad operating software, iOS 11 was released a couple of days ago for all devices, but something is clear: the impact it has had on the Apple community has not been far from expected by the Cupertino company. People are complaining about interface details and other things that are more than visual flaws to which we are not accustomed coming from iOS 10. To promote the use of the new apps of this operating system, Apple has put some videos in the App Store.

The first video simply shows a really useful new app store feature with which we can find the highest quality tools in a much simpler and simpler way. It also focuses on a fairly new section of the App Store with which we will see the best apps on a daily basis.

It is clear that Apple has not had the greatest success we all expected with the output of the iPhone X coming to brake its way to the title to become the first American company to have the value in stock of 1 trillion dollars, but it seems be it with iOS 11 is not going too well either.

Perhaps the pros outweigh the negatives as to what the community says, but the reality is that a fairly decent percentage of users of the new operating system find it annoying due to the removal of basic and very useful elements that had the earlier version. Some say that on iPad all these problems disappear.

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