Apple Releases icloud Control Panel 1.0.1 for Windows


Apple nowadays icloud Keep watch over Panel for Home windows released . Icloud, the software helps Windows users to their cloud data that they sync their iPhone example via a laptop or desktop computer screen. What exactly is new in the update is not clear: Apple has not yet made ​​public changelog. You can download the update using the Software Update feature, or as separate programs on Apple’s official site.


Given the version number of the update and the lack of a changelog, there are likely no new features added in this update. We suspect that the necessary priority to bugfixes.

icloud Control Panel was released by Apple on October 12. The software enables streaming photos, your contacts, calendars and bookmarks sync with icloud. Mac users do not need a separate program: this synchronization is embedded in Lion , the latest version of OSX.

Icloud to Control Panel, you use Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7 required. Apple also recommends at least a web browser Internet Explorer 8 or Safari 5.1.1 and use Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010 installation, icloud seen some of these programs sync services.

More information: Apple Support

Apple’s support pages are the last days suffering from a caching problem. If you get a message that the page does not exist, it helps to refresh a few times.


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