Apple released MacOS Sierra 10.12.4 beta 7, about three days after its release of the MacOS Sierra 10.12.14 beta 6 for developers and about a month after it launched the MacOS Sierra 10.12.3. Also releases iOS 10.3 beta 7, for developers. IOS 10.3 beta 7 came about three months after the release of iOS 10.2 and three days after the release of iOS 10.3 beta 6. This beta, highly anticipated by users due to the large number of new features that it offers, is likely to be released next week, next almost certainly, unless it starts to give problems.

Developers can download iOS 10.3 beta 7 via the Apple Developer Center (Apple Developer Center) or via OTA (via Settings> General> Software Update menu) to iOS devices with the appropriate beta configuration profile installed.

iOS 10.3 is an important update to the iOS 10 operating system with new features it brings. The biggest innovation in iOS 10.3 is the “Find AirPods” feature, which allows an AirPods owner to find a lost AirPods. The Find AirPod feature lets you play back audio and locate the AirPods’ last defined location to facilitate the discovery of lost AirPods that are connected to the iOS device via Bluetooth.

Apple also aims to limit the number of review requests that developers may ask users to implement for their apps, and to use it with iOS 10.3 in a feature that will allow users to review apps without leaving an app. In addition, with iOS 10.3, for any application, the developer’s preference to request an app evaluation request is left to the user, and the user may be prevented from receiving requests based on the application.

The innovations that come with iOS 10.3 are certainly not limited to these. There are a lot of things like renovating the Settings app and topping up the Apple ID, better parsing the iCloud storage space. We speculate that many performance improvements and bug fixes are made especially under the hood.

With the last few beta we see that Apple focuses on bug fixes and performance improvements beyond visible visibility. We’re probably nearing the end of the beta testing cycle, and soon the final version of iOS 10.3 will be released publicly.

The seventh macOS Sierra 10.12.4 beta update can be downloaded via the software update mechanism in the Mac App Store or via the Apple Developer Center, if you have previously installed any beta update on your Mac.


MacOS Sierra 10.12.4 brings iOS Night Shift mode to Mac. Originally introduced on iOS devices with iOS 9.3, Night Shift mode is designed to gradually shift the screen of a device from blue to yellow and reduce night blue exposure. It is said that the blue light breaks the circadian rhythm and is thought to be interrupted by the sleeping order.

Night Shift can be activated from the Displays menu of System Preferences; Here, there is a setting to turn off at sunrise and at sunrise. Night Shift can be turned on or off manually via the Notification Center or Siri.

The MacOS 10.12.4 update focuses mainly on Night Shift mode, but there are many enhancements under the hood.

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